Dr. Mohammad Reza Omidkhah Nasrin

Professor, President of CCERCI and Faculty of Chemical Engineering Department, Tarbiat Modarres University


Mobile phone: +98-912-101-3390
E-mail: omidkhah@modares.ac.ir
Alternate: momidkhah@gmail.com



Chemical Engineering, UMIST, Manchester, UK.
Dissertation topic: Optimizing Reaction - Separation Systems Through Improved Understanding of Their Interactions
Date: 1986 - 1990
Chemical Engineering, Wayne State Univ. Michigan, USA
Date: 1983 - 1985
Chemical Engineering, Amir Kabir Univ. Tehran, Iran.
Date: 1975 - 1982


Message from the President

Research is an active, conscious, and organized process for discovering new facts and properly interpreting these facts; reviewing phenomena, events, behaviors, and hypotheses. The role of research in comprehensive sustainable development is so outstanding and undeniable that it can be undoubtedly known as driving force of development in all areas. In addition, by using the existing phenomena, research is used to access to scientific solutions and technologies in which its application in the areas usch as creating new knowledge, exploring the possibility of creating new applications of ancient knowledge, better communication with the surrounding world can be seen. Obviously, science and technology produced from research, whether through national production or transferred from other countries, must be used to solve scientific, industrial, economic, and social problems of the country. For example, in industry area, the industries of Petroleum, Gas, Petrochemistry, and Minerals are suitable beds for transferring, localizing, and developing different technologies. By pursuing targeted plans, execute open door policies, and according to the statement of the Supreme Leader, encouraging the elite to move to research centers and strengthening their relations with research centers, universities and domestic and foreign industries, the process of industrialization of research achievements can be facilitated.

In this respect, given the above-mentioned facts and the emergence of a new generation of industries and technologies in the Postmodern Age with new demand for research, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Research Center of Iran prepared its capacities, capabilities, and potentials (for details, see the next pages) in such a way that, when facing inevitable challenges ahead, it can access to demand-based knowledge and through converting them into the wealth needed, specially in modern domains, take stronger steps towards self-sufficiency and leadership in the area, God willing.