Welcome to the Department of Organic Chemistry


We encourage you to read more about our research interest:

  • Lewis acid catalysis.
  • Heterocyclic chemistry.
  • Diels-alder reactions.
  • Synthesis, characterization and supramolecular properties of novel cyclophanes.
  • Conjugation of macrolide antibiotics to nanomaterials and study of drug release.
  • Design, synthesis and characterization of novel optical sensors.
  • Production of quantum dots and their sensoring and medical applications.
  • sonochemistry.
  • Functionalization of graphite oxide and exploring their application.
  • Organometallic chemistry.
  • Heterocyclic chemistry.
  • Nanocatalysts and transition-metal catalyzed and organocatalytic bio-active Carbogens and late functionalisation of bioactive scaffolds.
  • Heterogeneous/solid-supported catalysts for organic reactions.
  • Ionic liquids, and deep eutectic solvent and water in promoting organic reactions.
  • Greener synthetic routes to bio-active natural products, cardiovascular drugs, and other biologically active molecules.
  • Supramolecularchemistry.
  • Calix[n]arenes.
  • Chemosensors.
  • Protein surface recognition.
  • Synthesis of bioactive molecules and pharmaceutical chemistry.
  • Catalytic organic reactions (especially copper, palladium and zirconium catalyst).
  • Scale-up of chemical reactions.
  • Fine chemical synthesis.
  • Acid gas removing by the neat and porous solid supported ionic liquids.
  • Synthesis of bioactive molecules and pharmaceutical chemistry.
  • Catalytic organic reactions especially copper, palladium and zirconium catalyst.


Faculty Members


Mohammad S. Abaee


Hossein R. Darabi


Mohammad M. Mojtahedi


Maryam Mirza-Aghayan


Najmedin Azizi


Reza Zadmard


Ali Sharifi
Associate Professor


Mohammad Ghaffarzadeh
Associate Professor


Ali Asghar Mohammadi
Associate Professor


Salman Taheri
Associate Professor


Mojtaba Mirzaei
Assistant Professor


Hossein Farhangian