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CCERCI Postdoctoral Positions

CCERCI is glad to announce few opening for postdoctoral and sabbatical opportunities. We encourage you to contact the international office directly to inquire about the possibility of training in CCERCI. Only those Iranian researchers and faculty members work abroad are eligible for the opportunity. 
These positions are supported by 
Iran"s National Elites Foundation.  Please click the links below to read more about each positions.

Iran"s National Elites Foundation

Iran"s National Elites Foundation (INEF) (Persianبنياد ملي نخبگان‎‎) is an Iranian governmental organization founded on 31 May 2005 by approval of the Supreme Cultural Revolution Council of Iran. The main purpose of the foundation is to recognize, organize and support Iran"s elite national talents. The current head of the foundation is a Vice President of Iran Hassan Rouhani.

Members of the foundation include all who show exceptionally high intellectual capacity, academic aptitude, creative ability and artistic talents, specially contributors in promotion of global science and highly cited scientists and researchers. Iran National Elites Foundation (INEF) is a statewide organization and composed of members with significant scientific and executive background. The INEF members are considered as the most promising researches, inventors and artists of Islamic Republic of Iran, and the young members of the INEF are regarded as those whom will lead the Iran"s future science, culture and art. To reach the INEF goals the organization supports its members in scientific, financial/material and pastoral ways, such as granting low-interest or gratuitous loans, supply of any rare sources or laboratory facilities, involving the members with in-demand/priority national projects (in case of young male members, in lieu of the compulsory military service obligations, and exiting the county, as necessary, without assurance for those who have not completed their military service), assisting the members to commercialize their innovations, or move it to policy level, as well as other similar support services and networking opportunities.


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