Welcome to the Department of Inorganic Chemistry

We encourage you to read more about our research interest:

  • Coordination chemistry of group X and XI metals.
  • Design and synthesis of multi-functional and -podal N,S-heterocycles.
  • Investigation on metal/ metal oxide nanostructures.
  • Synthesis of Aza-crowns and their corresponding complexes.
  • synthesis of anticancer platinum drugs.
  • Synthesis of inorganic microporous and mesoporous materials and (mixed) metal oxide nanostructures.
  • Catalysis in organic synthesis and petrochemical processes as well as photocatalysis.
  • Super acid and super base compounds.
  • Biosensors of ions and biomolecules.
  • Drug delivery systems (chemical and herbal drugs).
  • Pollution (heavy metal, poisonous organic dye and NOx) removal from environment. 
  • Green chemistry and surface chemistry.
  • Surface functionalization of crystalline materials and exploring their application in nano motors.
  • structural and spectroscopic understanding of multi-copper active sites through biomimetic synthesis.
  • Systematic synthesis and thorough characterization of discrete organotin.
  • Preparation & characterization of heterogeneous catalysts and their application in the synthesis of heterocycles of pharmaceutical importance.
  • Mesoporous solid supports.
  • Nanostructured materials.
  • Organocatalysis.
  • Mineral Extraction.
  • Synthesis of Bio-Inspired Porous Materials.
  • Synthesis of Nanostructured Inorganic Materials.
  • Heterogeneous Catalysts and Metal-Free Catalysts in Oxidation Biodiesel Production.
  • Catalytic Treatment of Wastewater.
  • Supercapacitors and Biosensors.
  • Nanomaterials in Preservation of Cultural Heritages.


Faculty Members

Mitra Ghassemzadeh


Mahboube E. Moghadam
Associate Professor


Aliakbar Tarlani
Associate Professor


Mohammad R. Halvagar
Assistant Professor


Kioumars Aghapoor
Assistant Professor


Maryam Afsharpour
Associate Professor


A. Wahid Mesbah
Assistant Professor