Central Laboratory of CCERCI, which is one the pioneering laboratories in Iran, assists researchers with specimen collection and sample processing. This laboratory offers a variety of high-quality testing, analytical services such as NMR, SEM, Single Crystal XRD, Powder XRD, SPM, Surface Tension, BET, Elemental Analysis, GC-MS/MS, HPLC, etc. across a wide range of technologies and applications for industries and academics. These facilities are some of the best university facilities in the country, supporting chemical research and providing analysis for students within chemistry and chemical engineering departments. These facilities can also provide services and expertise to industry. The central lab works with industrial companies in a variety of formats to suit their specific needs including full analysis with report, provision of data only, equipment training and consultancy. With more than 20 years of industry experience CCERCI central lab is engaged in verity of national projects. The central lab comprises more than 15 specialized labs with state-of-the art apparatuses and equipment to offer services like:

- Comprehensive material analysis
- Consulting services
- Educational Workshops


All instruments handled by trained users, some of which are listed below: